This Week's Special Beer's Not Deer Promotion Weekend Lunch Festive Menu Events


(SERVED FROM 17th Dec 2022 - 2nd Jan 2023)

ADD RM12 to upgrade to a Set Meal which includes:

- Soup of the Day

- Dessert

Banana Chocolate Tartlet or

Christmas Pudding w Brandy Custard (24th & 25th December)



Roast Chicken w Cranberry Jelly

Moist & tender roast chicken with traditional gravy & cranberry jelly then served with a delicious crumbly potato stuffing and french beans. RM33


Tobiko Black Spaghetti w Prawns

No Eyed Deer's special black squid ink spaghetti with olive oil, flying fish roe & fresh succulent prawns. RM36


Poach Salmon w Lemon Butter Sauce

Poached Salmon fish fillet with a delicate lemon butter sauce & served with mash potatoes & asparagus. RM39


Beef Lasagne

Delicious Italian dish with layers of flat pasta, mozzarella cheese, minced beef and stewed tomatoes. RM30


Koorma Lamb Shank

Tender lamb shank braised with flavoursome North Indian spices then served with potatoes & okra. RM45


British Fish Pie

Traditional fish pie of succulent morsels of fresh barramundi fish fillet baked within a blanket of fluffy mash potato. RM33


Spinalis Steak

A tender and flavoursome steak with amazing umami flavours from the Spinalis dorsi muscle. Served with herbed butter sauce, broccoli, carrots and edamame (pre-ordering is recommended). RM100






Tobiko Black Spaghetti Prawns
Roast Chicken with Cranberry Jelly
Poached Salmon w Lemon Butter Sauce
Koorma Lamb Shank (Kurma Lamb Shank)
British Fish Pie
Banana Chocolate Tartlet
Penang Spinalis Steak
Roast Chicken Cranberry Jelly
This Week's Special Beer's Not Deer Promotion Weekend Lunch Festive Menu Events