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    Food, one of the basic necessities, is such a vital aspect in our everyday life. It is something we cannot do without. Yet, despite its importance, most of us tend to take it for granted and neglect to spend even a little time to learn and understand it.


    Many of us would not even be able to know which part of the beef cattle does a Sirloin belong to or may not even be able to differentiate a chinese celery from a coriander. Even the difference between a Barracuda and a Spanish mackerel would often stir confusion in many.


    In order to create awareness on the sustainability and importance of food, No Eyed Deer has decided to share some of its secrets on the subject of food. These secrets were gained from years of handling, preparing and cooking food. This section of its website is dedicated to providing, sharing and exchanging information on food with the hope of creating a better understanding of this wonderfully gratifying resource. The contents of this section will continuosly grow as we journey along and discover interesting facts in this realm of the food universe.

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